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UK Advanced Boiling Water Reactor

The UK ABWR – UK Advanced Boiling Water Reactor – is a nuclear reactor design proposed for development and construction in the UK. The UK ABWR is being developed and offered in the UK by Hitachi-GE Nuclear Energy, Ltd. (Hitachi-GE).

Nuclear energy is highly regulated to ensure that the highest levels of safety, security and environmental protection are maintained at all times. For new nuclear build, the first stage of this is a rigorous assessment of the reactor design by UK regulators, known as Generic Design Assessment (GDA).

A key aspect of GDA is a comment process, enabling members of the public, organisations and institutions to make comments or ask questions about the technology and about our submissions made to the regulators. This website includes an overview of the reactor technology, shares aspects of our GDA submissions, and hosts this comment process. Hitachi-GE is committed to increasing familiarity with the technology, and to promoting questions about design, safety and other issues.

This site has been launched alongside the second stage of the GDA. The comment process and reactor summaries are central parts of Hitachi-GE’s commitment to openness and transparency. To make a comment on the reactor design – which will be considered for inclusion in the regulators formal assessment – please click here.

Hitachi ABWR Video - Video based on a generic approach – individual site developments will be subject to site specific design