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GDA document library page

Hitachi-GE will make a significant number of submissions to the regulators. We are committed to supporting the comment process with as much information as possible and will make these publicly available, publishing increasingly detailed submissions as GDA progresses.

We believe that this supports an effective comment process, however these are technical documents, which in many cases are translations from foreign languages, and contain design details which remain subject to further consideration. We will leave each published document live throughout GDA, however as these are superseded by later versions, they will be moved to the submissions archive, with the most modern documentation across GDA scope shown under 'Latest GDA submissions'.

In line with UK regulation, sensitive nuclear information and information restricted under export control legislation has been removed from these publications, as has commercially sensitive content.

The ABWR has been subjected to rigorous assessment by nuclear regulators in Japan, US and elsewhere. The US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) certified the US ABWR design in 1997 and has published its Design Certification Rule (DCR) at http://www.nrc.gov/reactors/new-reactors/design-cert/abwr.html

The UK ABWR is being similarly subjected to a rigorous process of assessment in the GDA. A comprehensive guide to nuclear safety, security and environmental performance is provided through key submissions, including the Pre-Construction Safety Report (PCSR) and the Generic Environment Permit (GEP) which were submitted to the regulator and published in August 2014. These are updated as the GDA progresses, with an updated PCSR published on 30 October 2015 and a Generic Environmental Permit on 12 December 2016.. They will continue to be further updated as the GDA progresses.

Latest GDA submissions

Published materials, 30th October 2015

Pre-Construction Safety report (PCSR) - Revision B

Published materials, 12th December 2016

Generic Environmental Permit (GEP)

Additional Relevant Documents

Submissions archive

Documents below have been updated, and are superseded by those published in Latest GDA Submissions, hence these are no longer the focus of this Comment Process

Published materials, 6th January 2014

Published materials, 31 January 2014

Published materials, 31 March 2014

A number of technically focused documents have been published, representing a further step towards the pre-construction safety report. The documents are preliminary safety reports (PSR) on the reactor design, some of which are updates to materials published previously:

Materials published, 4th June 2014

Materials published, 28th August 2014

Pre-Construction Safety report (PCSR)

Published materials, 28th August 2014

Generic Environmental Permit (GEP)

Next Steps

The GDA is a long-term iterative process, throughout which we will submit a range of documents to the regulators.

The initial submissions published alongside launch of this site have been further revised. Two revisions of our Pre-construction Safety Report (PCSR) and Generic Environmental Permit (GEP) have been published. Further revisions will be made available, as we progress through the GDA.

The GDA is a two-way process and the regulators will provide extensive feedback on our proposals. Where the regulators believe there is a potential regulatory shortfall they will raise a “Regulatory Observation” or a “Regulatory Issue”.  We expect these to arise over the course of GDA as a natural part of the process, each RO or RI will be published by the regulators on their web-site along with our Resolution Plans